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Terms & Conditions

Delivery – Redelivery day

Weekly charters usually begin and end on Saturdays. In case of uneven periods of time, such as a ten or twelve-day charter, we will do our best, depending on the circumstances, to accommodate your requirements. All charters begin at 17:00 on the day of departure and typically end at 09:00 on the day of arrival. However you will be required to return to base on the last evening of your charter as this is the minimum time required to ensure that the boat is delivered to the next charter in perfect working order


All our boats are fully insured, included :

  • Third party and passenger civil liability minimum 500.000 Euro any one accident.
  • Damage liability third party and passenger’s yacht 150.000 Euro any one accident.
  • Sea pollution liability 150.000 Euro


Security Deposit

A refundable security deposit has to be paid prior to embarkation, which varies according to the size of the yacht. Every yacht is comprehensively insured (against damage to the hull, machinery and/or equipment), including third Party cover, beyond a deductible excess figure. The refundable Security Deposit is held against the yachts insurance excess. In case of damage to the yacht or loss of equipment, the estimated value for repairs and replacement is withheld from your security deposit and the balance is returned to you.

Cancellation booking policy

We calculate cancellation fees based on the period of time between the date of cancellation and the departure date as follows:
a) Bookings cancelled between 90-60 days before embarkation, 30% of the total charter amount will be kept.
b) Bookings cancelled between 60-30 days before embarkation, 50% of the total charter amount will be kept.
c) Bookings cancelled less than 30 days before embarkation, 100% of the total charter amount will be kept.
We will return the cancellation fee, less the administration fee (3%), if the boat is rechartered for the same period under the same conditions.


A down payment is required by bank’s transfer to our account in order to confirm booking.


Our Crewed & Bareboat Charter packages are based on a Charter Party Contract which is the official charter contract in Greece.

Booking Procedure

If you wish to rent any from our yacht ships for one week or more interval,
please follow the steps below:

Step 1

Call us or send us an e mail with all the essential information such as: name, address, telephone, e mail, the dates you wish to charter the ship, the size of the ship, the place where you want to travel etc.

Step 2

The soonest possible (by phone or by e mail), we will reply to you about the availability of the yacht for the interval you are interested in. Also you will be informed about the prices of charter and any other information you may need and which could be useful for your vacations.

Step 3

Provided that yacht is available and you do wish to make a reservation from Z – YACHTING, we will confirm the dates of chartering and we will commit the ship for the following seven days so that the process of chartering to be completed.
In the next seven days where the ship will be committed, you will be able to arrange and prepare every other detail for your vacations ex. Your airplane tickets etc.
You are kindly requested to confirm your reservation by fax or email up until the seventh day.

Step 4

After receiving your confirmation, the final conventions (six copies) will be send to you immediately signed from the company’s representative and also all the essential information on the deposit of advance.
The deposition can be made by banking transfer, or by mission of money via Western Union.
From the final conventions one copy is for you and the other five copies will be returned to us signed by you the soonest possible.

The process is completed and the ship is at your service for the most enjoyable vacations of your life.

Booking Policy

  • Charter Periods
    • Period A =   28 Jul – 25 Aug
    • Period B =  23 Jun – 28 Jul & 25 Aug – 22 Sep
    • Period C = 19 May – 23 Jun & 22 Sep – 06 Oct
    • Period D = 28 Apr – 19 May & 07 Oct – 27 Oct
    • Period E = 01 Jan – 28 Apr & 27 Oct – 31 Dec
  • All prices are in euro per week.
  • Additional debits:
    • Blister: 250€ / week & 1.200€ Deposit
    • Internet:50€ /week
    • Skipper: 150€ per day plus food (payable in cash upon embarkation)
    • Hostess / Cook: 140€ per day plus food (payable in cash upon embarkation)
  • Security deposit can be paid via Visa, Master or American Express upon embarkation
  • Discounts
    • Early booking: -10% valid until 31 March 2018
    • For 2 weeks charter: -5%
    • For 3 weeks charter: -10%
    • Boat show: -5%>
    • Repeated clients: -5%
    • Max. Discount: 15%
  • Check in / Check out: Saturday
  • Embarkation: 17:00h
  • Disembarkation: 09:00h With the obligation to return to port by 17:00h the previous day

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